Hey !

My name is Milie Del. I’m a travel, lifestyle and indie photographer. Born in Drôme, of Belgian origin, I am based in Montpellier. My arty side and love for adventure made me choose photography ! It is my favorite way to express myself & create. Photography is now my full time job and I couldn’t be more exited about it.

I shoot weddings with people all around the world, travels when I escape and reportages for various brands. My work is mostly inspired by wilderness, nature, fashion & design. I love to tell stories, to create mood & visual identities to reflect my clients visions, to reveal what makes you truly you !

My personal work mostly speaks about freedom & melancholia. My favorite things in the world to photograph are fog, rain, mist and foam, because it creates the most beautiful lights and atmospheres. And also I love to question the relationship between mankind and environment.


I would love to collaborate with you !
Portrait Milie Del Emilie Delmond photographe voyage
Exhibitions, Publications, Awards


  Milie Del chez Luc / Les Expos à la Maison / Montpellier, June 2017 
  Hitchhiking Scotland / Cinéma Diagonal / Montpellier, February & March 2017 
•  The Storm & Strangers Mists / La Galerie Éphémère / Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, February 2017
•  Andalusia / Les Tanins d’abord /Montpellier, April, May & June 2016
  Hitchhiking Scotland / Le Dude Bar / Montpellier, June & July 2015
  Regards d’Architecture, Collective Exhibition / MAP ToulouseSeptember 2014
  Hitchhiking Scotland / Le Off des BoutographiesMontpeyrouxJune & July 2014



• Coup de coeur Fisheye Magazine  / Octobre 2017
Collectif Les Biches / Montpellier / April 2017
• Guest Photographer for issue #31 / Shot Magazine / June 2016
• “Growth” / Idle Magazine #3 / Body of work & cover page (p 30 to 35) /  June 2015
Vietnam, Land of contrasts / Plateform Magazine‘s issue #78 (p 88 to 109)  / June 2015
Salt of the Earth/ C-41 Photographic MagazineJune 2015
Vietnam, Land of contrasts / Get Inspired Magazine issue #22 / July 2014
Salt of the Earth / La Chaîne Photo issue #6 Special Travel / June 2014



• Jury’s Favorite award / Regards d’Architecture / by Wipplay‘s Jury : Rudy Ricciotti, Laurence Calafat, Mélanie de Groot, David de Rueda & Stephan Zaubitzer, Mai 2014
• Jury’s favourite award / Peace /  Polka magazineNovember 2013
• Jury’s favourite award / Young-European Union Competition / by Wipplay‘s Jury : Festival CirculationsThe Eyes Magazine, Angelina Medori & the delegate to cultural actions at ARTENovember 2013